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Drivers Pack 3.2.28 has been released


A new version of the Drivers Pack 3.2.28 for integration of IP devices with AxxonSoft products has been released. This integration pack allows IP cameras and other IP hardware to communicate with AxxonSoft software. Version 3.2.28 can be used with Intellect 4.9.3 and Axxon VMS 3.6.1 without reinstallation base software.

This version offers support of 74 new models of IP devices:

  • GBT28181 protocol
  • 3S Vision N3071
  • 3S Vision N3072
  • 3S Vision N4011
  • 3S Vision N5011
  • 3S Vision N9034
  • 3S Vision N9073
  • 3S Vision N9074
  • AVTech AVM302
  • AVTech AVM311A
  • AVTech AVM317A
  • AVTech AVM359
  • AVTech AVM417A
  • AVTech AVM459BH
  • AVTech AVM561AH
  • Bosch AUTODOME 800 HD
  • Bosch AUTODOME Jr 800 HD
  • Bosch DINION NBN-498-P IVA
  • Bosch TINYON IP 2000 HD
  • Bosch TINYON IP 2000
  • Bosch FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000
  • Canon VB-H610VE
  • Certis NVR-9016-08HR Encrypted
  • Eneo GLD-1401
  • Infinity TPC-3000AT 3312
  • LTV LTV-ICDM1-E6231L-V3-10.5
  • LTV LTV-ICDM1-E6231L-V7-22
  • LTV LTV-ICDM2-E8231L-F
  • Probe PIB-H2000ATIR
  • Probe PMI-H2050F
  • Probe PIB-H2008HTIR
  • Probe PRI-H2010
  • Probe PRI-H2010W
  • Probe PTI-H2100
  • Surveon CAM1200
  • Surveon CAM1201
  • Surveon CAM1300
  • Surveon CAM1301
  • Surveon CAM1320
  • Surveon CAM2301A
  • Surveon CAM2311P
  • Surveon CAM2311
  • Surveon CAM2331P
  • Surveon CAM2331
  • Surveon CAM2441P
  • Surveon CAM2441
  • Surveon CAM2511
  • Surveon CAM3351
  • Surveon CAM3361
  • Surveon CAM3371
  • Surveon CAM3471MP
  • Surveon CAM3471M
  • Surveon CAM3471V
  • Surveon CAM3571M
  • Surveon CAM4211
  • Surveon CAM4221
  • Surveon CAM4311
  • Surveon CAM4321
  • Surveon CAM4361
  • Surveon CAM4371
  • Surveon CAM4471MP
  • Surveon CAM4471M
  • Surveon CAM4471V
  • Surveon CAM4471VT
  • Surveon CAM4571M
  • Surveon CAM6181
  • Surveon CAM6351
  • Surveon CAM7511
  • Tattile ANPR Mobile
  • Tattile Vega Color
  • Tattile Vega HD
  • Tattile Vega HD Color
  • Vivotek IP8165HP (Onvif)

AxxonSoft regularly adds IP devices to the list of supported hardware. Drivers Pack updates give clients the freedom to select the best available video equipment, as well as adapt AxxonSoft-powered security systems to site-specific requirements.

Drivers Pack is a module with a separate installer which provides support for integrating IP devices into AxxonSoft products. Drivers Pack gives you the option of adding support for new integrated IP cameras and IP video servers to AxxonSoft products without waiting for the next release of the base product or reinstalling the entire system. To ensure correct operation of devices in accordance with the declared parameters, Drivers Pack should be installed on the latest release version of the software.