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Drivers Pack 3.2.12 is Released


Version 3.2.12 of the Drivers Pack module, which provides support for IP devices in AxxonSoft products, has been released. In this version, that already integrates 800 devices, support for 29 new models of IP devices has been added:

  • 3S S4071
  • Axis P3367-V/VE
  • Axis P7214
  • Axis Q1602
  • Axis Q1602-E
  • Axis Q1604
  • Axis Q1604-E
  • Certis NSD-7018FH
  • Certis NSD-7020FH
  • EasyN FM166I
  • EasyN FS-613A-M136
  • EasyN HV10DI
  • EverFocus EAN3120 (ONVIF)
  • EverFocus EAN3220 (ONVIF)
  • EverFocus EZN3260 (ONVIF)
  • Grandstream GXV3615WP_HD
  • Mobotix S14D
  • Panasonic WV-SP305E
  • Panasonic WV-SW355
  • Samsung SNB-5001
  • Samsung SND-5011
  • Samsung SND-5061
  • Samsung SNB-7001
  • Samsung SND-7011
  • Samsung SND-7061
  • Samsung SNP-6200
  • Samsung SNP-6200H
  • SerVision CVG-M
  • Smartec STC-IPMX3593A/1

In addition, technological partners have tested their products’ compatibility with AxxonSoft via the ONVIF protocol for the following devices:

  • Surveon CAM1300
  • Surveon CAM1301
  • Surveon CAM1320
  • Surveon CAM2300
  • Surveon CAM2301
  • Surveon CAM2301A
  • Surveon CAM2311
  • Surveon CAM2311P
  • Surveon CAM2320
  • Surveon CAM2321
  • Surveon CAM2400
  • Surveon CAM3351
  • Surveon CAM3361
  • Surveon CAM3365
  • Surveon CAM3371
  • Surveon CAM4310
  • Surveon CAM4311
  • Surveon CAM4321
  • Surveon CAM4360
  • Surveon CAM4361
  • Surveon CAM4365
  • Surveon CAM4371

For the first time ever, the Drivers Pack includes support for equipment by SerVision, Surveon and EasyN.

The Drivers Pack is an independent installation module that enables support for IP-equipment in AxxonSoft products. The module allows integrating new IP equipment in a system based on AxxonSoft software without reinstalling it.

Drivers Pack 3.2.12 is recommended as an update for Axxon PSIM (Axxon PSIM Lite) 4.8.2, and Axxon Smart PRO (Axxon Smart Start) 2.1.6.