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AxxonSoft VMS and Vivotek cameras at Road Show on June 9

AxxonSoft VMS and Vivotek cameras at Road Show on June 9

Axxonsoft and the camera manufacturer Vivotek presented their products in a joint event that drew an audience of about 30 in Frankfurt on the Main.

AxxonSoft VMS and Vivotek cameras at Road Show on June 9Vivotek featured its new "Supreme" product line at the event; this line features high value-added cameras that boast such advanced capabilities as the Smart Focus System, a camera function that lets the user remotely control the focal length and precisely adjust the camera focus.

The FishEye camera, one of the cameras in this line, offers a 1.27 mm Fisheye lens, a 360° field of view when mounted on the ceiling and a 180° field of view for a wall mount. In addition, it has an IR-cut filter, a 3 Megapixel sensor, PoE and a card-reader (MicroSD, SDHC, SDXC). The camera comes in a robust IK10-rated vandal-proof and IP67 weather-proof case. Since the wide-angle FishEye camera captures a much broader area, it can effectively replace several heritage cameras. Only one camera does the job, but you still get top-quality rectified camera images while saving on storage. When reviewing video footage, the user can zoom in on parts of an original wide-angle camera shot and retrieve a flawlessly rectified close-up image.

AxxonSoft showcased all its product lines, but the highlight of the presentation was the new AxxonFS file system. AxxonFS reallocates HDD space to create a separate partition for video storage. Thus it is no longer Windows OS that handles video storage; now the user can manage disk space himself. File fragmentation is no longer an issue under AxxonFS. Moreover, Axxon FS extends the HDD’s useful life by eliminating inefficient roaming of the write/read head. And this provides another tangible benefit: higher access speed.

AxxonSoft VMS and Vivotek cameras at Road Show on June 9

Having quick video footage at your fingertips is essential to Forensic Search, another new Axxon feature. It is a real benefit to have powerful video analytics in an entry-level VMS. Even basic Axxon products include detection tools for Line Crossing, Stopping/Moving in the Zone, and Object Speed/Size/Color Tracking. With AxxonFS, you get your search results in seconds. Axxon detection tools save a lot of time. You want to find a blue car that crossed a zone on May 23 between 12:15 and 13:00? Here it is, as you type! Torsten Anstдdt, Managing Director of AxxonSoft EMEA, noted, "I believe that we made a strong case for our VMS and video analytics solutions to the security community present."

"A great event indeed, many credits to Axxon and Vivotek," summed up the savvy public.