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AxxonSoft at Securex 2019: To the future and beyond


AxxonSoft concluded a successful three days of networking at Securex, held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg between 14 and 16 May 2019. This expo provided the team with the chance to engage with its African partners while showcasing their latest state-of-the-art technology, with a strong focus on behavioral analytics in video management software and the company’s deep learning technology which has been adapted to tell the difference between humans and animals.

Rather than just engage in conversation with clients, this year, the team wanted to create something experiential for visitors and partners alike, giving them the opportunity to experience some of AxxonSoft’s award winning solutions — such as the company’s AI and neural network analytics — in action.

Colleen Glaeser“As a global security and surveillance organization, it is important for us to be involved in big exhibitions such as Securex, particularly in Africa. We are looking to grow our footprint in the market, and Securex gives us the opportunity to showcase our revolutionary technology in a real-world environment. We were excited to be part of this year’s show as it provided the platform for us to talk to major issues impacting the South African and African landscape. Poaching continues to be one of our continent’s biggest threats and to be able to provide a technology solution that helps reduce poaching is one of our greatest achievements,”

says AxxonSoft SADC CEO and Global Marketing Director, Colleen Glaeser.

AxxonSoft has stepped up its AI deep learning-based analytics by introducing behavioral analytics software to the security industry. This technology is a game changer as it assists in alerting authorities to threats as they happen without having to put innocent parties in additional risk by raising the alarm themselves. Behavioral analytics uses an algorithm that outputs an array of data that describes body positions. Conditions can be set for data to detect a specific pose, such as raised hands. Developers can use this for quick creation of new detection tools to identify potentially dangerous behavior specified by the government or business client.

Further highlights from this year’s show include: the enhanced security policy toolset, AxxonNet cloud service features, face and license plate recognition with positive and negative checklists and fast forensic search across videos using multiple criteria to name a few.

Glaeser concluded her review of the business conducted and the partnerships made at Securex 2019 by saying,

“AxxonSoft’s ethos is based on customer-centricity while providing partners with revolutionary technology. With a global footprint in 32 regions, and a growing presence in Africa, it is important for our team to interact and conduct businesses on a personal level. Based on the success of this year’s show, AxxonSoft looks forward to a positive year of growth alongside exciting collaborations with our valued partners, striving to create a safer world for all. Thank you for everyone who made this year’s exhibition, a tremendous success,”

concludes Glaeser.

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