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AxxonSoft and iPUX start Technological Partnership


AxxonSoft has initiated technological partnership with iPUX, which offers a line of diverse security products, including IP cameras, video servers, and video management software. With years of experience, iPUX aims at making IP cameras and surveillance solutions widely available and affordable by offering simple, durable, and on-demand solutions that bring competitive and high-quality products to security users. iPUX offers a complete range of hardware for small and medium-sized transport, banking, casino, and transnational businesses as well as large commercial and government projects worldwide.

Drivers Pack 3.2.13 marks integration of iPUX hardware with AxxonSoft software, with support announced for the following models:

  • ICS203A – Cube MJPEG Wireless IP Camera, Resolution up to 640x480 @30fps, MJPEG video compression, IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless;
  • ICS1330 – PT MPEG4/MJPEG Wireless IP Camera, Resolution up to 640x480 @30fps, MJPEG/MPEG4 video compression, Day and Night Function, IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless, Built-in USB 1.1;
  • IVS7100 – H.264 Wired Video Server, Resolution up to 704x480 @30fps(NTSC) and 704x576 @25fps(PAL), MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264 video compression;
  • ICS2330 – PT H.264 Wireless 11N IP Camera, Resolution up to 1280x1024 @15fps, MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264 video compression, Day and Night Function, IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless Network, Built-in USB 2.0;
  • ICS7232 – Box CMOS H.264 2M Wireless 11N IP Camera with support for DC iris, Resolution up to 1280x1024 @15fps, MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264 video compression, Day and Night Function with IR Cut Filter, IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless, Built-in SD/SDHC slot;
  • ICS8220 – Full High Definition H.264 3M PoE IP Camera, Resolution up to 2048x1536 @15fps, MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264 video compression, Day and Night Function with IR Cut Filter, Auto Iris, Built-in 802.3af-compliant PoE, Built-in SD/SDHC slot.

All cameras have an embedded video management device. Support for the entire line of IP cameras from iPUX is planned for future Drivers Pack versions. In addition, the latest iPUX IP cameras provide cloud-based plug and play support and allow administrators to view IP cameras remotely – from a PC, Mac, or mobile device – anytime, anywhere in the world.

About iPUX

Founded in Samoa, iPUX operates a R&D center and factory production (since 2009) in Taiwan. iPUX provides useful integrated IP solutions, which offer high-quality IP bullet, dome cameras, video servers, and NVRs to meet the strictest client requirements. Select Cube and Pan Tilt cameras provide innovative Cloud solutions for easy plug-and-play use. iPUX continues to broaden its presence worldwide by offering reliable, practical, and modern systems for the IP video surveillance market.

About AxxonSoft

AxxonSoft is a leading developer of open video management platforms and integrated security systems. The company's partners include over 2,500 companies, performing more then 1,500 installations every month. With over 30 offices and representatives in all key regions, AxxonSoft is able to guarantee quick deliveries and top-tier support to partners everywhere in the world.

To ensure the effectiveness of integrated solutions powered by AxxonSoft products, the company is in constant cooperation with leading manufacturers of IP cameras, access control systems, security and fire alarm systems, and other manufacturers of security equipment. AxxonSoft is an ONVIF and PSIA member, and its products support over 1,000 models of IP cameras.

AxxonSoft software allows creating smart video surveillance systems and integrated security systems for diverse sites, even decentralized ones scattered over large areas. AxxonSoft products are at the heart of over 80 Safe City systems and security systems at airports, ports, banks, industrial facilities, retail chains, and gas station chains, as well as many other public- and private-sector facilities around the globe.