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AxxonSoft Introduces the New Axxon One VMS

AxxonSoft Introduces the New Axxon One VMS

AxxonSoft upgrades its product line introducing the new Axxon One VMS which offers an extended integration capacity, high-performance AI video analytics, intelligent search in recorded video, and unlimited scalability.

From the very beginning, AxxonSoft considered integration a key element underlying its product development. AxxonSoft software offered leading-edge capabilities through support for the newest IP devices and their unique features, and via the seamless integration of video analytics.

Axxon One advances in integration and then goes even further. Along with the integration of 10,000+ IP device models, it supports the latest ONVIF Profile M protocol that provides a standard way to communicate metadata and events between analytics-capable devices and services. In addition, Axxon One enables combining smart cameras with its own AI video analytics, which helps build flexible and cost-effective intelligent solutions, utilizing both edge devices’ and server’s computing power to their fullest extent. On top of that, Axxon One video analytics is optimized for maximum performance when using either CPU or GPU.

In terms of functionality, the first Axxon One version is VMS that comprises video surveillance, video analytics, and intelligent search. The new Datacenter Domain Unification feature provides limitless scalability by integrating any number of distributed sites into a single system, with centralized management and reporting. Moreover, Axxon One integrates AxxonSoft AI analytics enhanced with vehicle model recognition — its main application is quickly finding a car of interest in video footage when the license plate number is unknown.

In line with AxxonSoft integration philosophy, Axxon One plans to evolve to a Unified Physical Security Management Platform. The next version will introduce the support for access control, fire/security alarm, and perimeter intrusion detection systems, extending the product capacity to a higher, unified security class.

Axxon One offers four editions. For instance, Axxon One Unified, primarily aimed at implementing large, distributed security systems, features the Datacenter Domain Unification tool and plenty of included video analytics options. To download the Axxon One installer and see the release notes, refer to the Downloads page.