Az intelligens VMS és PSIM szoftverek világelső fejlesztője
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Arecont Vision, AxxonSoft and Pivot3 Joint Road Show Experience with Virtual Design and Installation Presentation


In September and October AxxonSoft, Arecont Vision and Pivot3 presented a joint road show in DACH area. Main focus was the joint approach of one Project from three different angles: VMS, cameras and storage. The visitors mainly were installers, system integrators and also distributors.

Our plans included not only presenting information on individual products during the presentation, but also providing installers and system integrators with the necessary tools in hand to design a large-scale video surveillance system and correctly select cameras and data storage configurations.

It’s not surprising that on such a highly specialized market it is impossible for one company to possess all information and knowledge. This situation is even more complicated by the fact that scientific and technical progress is accelerating and product lifecycles are therefore being reduced. In such conditions, who can keep up with all the latest developments and prospects?

AxxonSoft, Arecont Vision and Pivot3 have decided to present experts and customers with a unified approach to integrated solutions, implementing both familiar and completely new products, from three perspectives: selection of software, cameras, and data storage systems. Naturally, we would never insist that this is the only correct approach. However, our audience reaction has been undeniably positive!

Our presentation participants watched with great interest how they can apply a simple mathematical formula to help select the right megapixel camera with the required resolution.

The motto of the AxxonSoft presentation module, "Discover New Possibilities", fully corresponds to the impressive functionality of its video surveillance systems. In the Shopping Center project, the POS PSIM module captured the most intense interest. Any readout device that creates text information, such as barcode scanners at cash registers, can be linked to the module. POS PSIM processes and stores all information coming from linked equipment, thereby making it possible to track the entire flow of goods on company territory. Companies frequently utilize this functionality to avoid forking out substantial amounts toward customer claims, like when they are forced to prove that goods were transferred in an undamaged state.

In our shopping center, it was also fascinating for people to observe how POS PSIM provides a warning when large sums change hands during product returns.  

A compelling demonstration of joint solutions concluded the event on a highly practical note. Participants were given the chance to personally expand the memory of Cloudbanks on integrated server/storage devices for video surveillance systems from the company Pivot3, and could test out Arecont cameras under various lighting and experiment with versatile configurations of AxxonSoft’s Smart and Axxon PSIM software.

The greatest compliment for us was when guests expressed their interest in visiting our presentation for a second time, even though our next presentation will be held in an entirely different region.

As AxxonSoft team members, we would just like to add that our presentation was successful due in large part to our numerous and enthusiastic guests, and to our two wonderful partners.