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ACFA PSIM 6.4 released


AxxonSoft has released version 6.4 of the ACFA PSIM package that integrates the Axxon PSIM with various types of security systems: access control (ACS), fire and security alarm (FSA), and perimeter security.

IP-based FSA and PSS can now be supported via driver package of IP devices. This allows for addition of new integrations to the working security suite without reinstalling the core software.

New features and improvements

The following new features are added to the Access Manager module:

  • grouping access levels by folder,
  • copying access levels,
  • printing multiple passes at once,
  • searching for multiple access points and access levels (when editing these elements),
  • searching for zones and areas.

In the Event Manager module, an operator can now enter a comment when confirming or prohibiting the access. Comments are then shown in the events report.

Access Control and Fire Alarm systems now support Apollo internal variables. They are used to configure complex internal interactions and responses of the Apollo hardware. This feature is similar to macros in Intellect, but since it is hardware-based, the configured functions work even when the equipment is offline.

For a full list of integrations with updates, refer the Release Notes.

To download the ACFA PSIM 6.4 installer, go to the Downloads page.