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A new version of Drivers Pack has been released


A new version of the Drivers Pack 3.2.25 for integration of IP devices with AxxonSoft products has been released. This integration pack allows IP cameras and other IP hardware to communicate with AxxonSoft software. Version 3.2.25 can be used with Intellect 4.9.1 and Axxon VMS 3.6 without reinstallation required.

Starting with this version, dual-stream support has been implemented for data received from IP devices connected via the industry-standard ONVIF protocol.

Since 27 June 2014, EverFocus, a technology partner of AxxonSoft, has been independently performing integration works for its products to ensure compatibility with AxxonSoft software. To use EverFocus IP devices with AxxonSoft products, download and install the separate driver pack from the manufacturer's website. A full list of supported EverFocus IP device models is available on the manufacturer's website.

Support for 34 new IP devices has been added in version 3.2.25:

  • 3S N3031
  • ACTi E44A
  • Arecont Vision AV1115v1
  • Arecont Vision AV2455DN
  • ARH FreewayCam
  • Axis M3025-VE
  • Axis Q6045
  • Axis Q6045-C
  • Beward BD4330D
  • Bosch DINION IP 7000 HD
  • Bosch FLEXIDOME IP 7000 RD
  • Ganz ZN-B1MTP
  • Ganz ZN-B2MTP
  • Ganz ZN-D1MTP
  • Ganz ZN-D1MTP-IR
  • Ganz ZN-D2MTP
  • Ganz ZN-D2MTP-IR
  • Ganz ZN-DT1MTP
  • Ganz ZN-DT1MTP-IR
  • Ganz ZN-DT2MTP
  • Ganz ZN-DT2MTP-IR
  • Grundig GCI-K2505B
  • Hikvision DS-2DF7286-A
  • LG LND5100R
  • LG LNV5100
  • LG LNV5100R
  • Samsung SND-6084R
  • Samsung SNO-6084R
  • Samsung SNV-6084R
  • Sony SNT-EX101
  • Sony SNT-EX101E
  • Veilux VSIP-2 IP
  • Vivotek FD8164
  • Vivotek FD8164V

Distribution files are available for download here. You can find a full list of devices supported by this version here.

Drivers Pack is a module with a separate installer which provides support for integrating IP devices into AxxonSoft products. Drivers Pack gives you the option of adding support for new integrated IP cameras and IP video servers to AxxonSoft products without waiting for the next release of the base product or reinstalling the entire system. To ensure correct operation of devices in accordance with the declared parameters, Drivers Pack should be installed on the latest release version of the software.